Cheap shit. Post bargain finds here

Triple LP, lovely 180g vinyl, a great concert well recorded.

£16.09 delivered.

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Chromecast Audio £15 again…

These strike me as pretty cheap if you want ATCs.


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LPs from £8, box sets from £20


Nice, ordered the Placebo MTV double and hovering over the Cure albums :slight_smile:

Prices seem competive for new stuff too.

I ordered the Placedo mtv album. I already have all the Cure stuff except Entreat, so I ordered that :slight_smile:

James Brown, Florence and Creedence…Bargain

I so want the grace Jones boxset …

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1lt bottle of Tanqueray export strength gin. £22 at Morrisons.

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If planar magnetic headphones are your thing, not quite half price:

HIFIMAN HE400i Over Ear Full-Size Plannar Magnetic Headphone


No idea if it’s any good,but it’s £9 posted for a double album

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Was in Wilko yesterday, a bargain household chain that sells shit. However I did spot them selling 5 packs of Maxell C90 tapes for £4.


While they’re still around (now discontinued) - Chromecast Audio £22, 2 for £40.


Nice I want one. :+1:

Thanks Adam .Mine stopped working a few weeks ago so I have ordered one.

Update - I would like to take back thanks as I have found it even cheaper on Ebay

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Ebay member for 10 years, 186 feedback :thinking:

Seems a very good price

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