Cheap shit. Post bargain finds here


That’s a small customer base… Would be one way of describing those titles😁

I love a cunning plan, and one that takes the tin …big up

Not exactly cheap but some decent reductions (albeit from a high starting price!)

Not a bad deal on these:

Curious to see MOFI reduced - Never seen that before

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Maybe, but I’m not going down that rabbit hole.

I’m not overly bothered about the covers of my records, I’m not going to be selling them so what’s the point.


Paul you know full well this will upset my constitution and set my nerves jangling. Well played.


Off topic,but as they have one for sale,does anyone have the newer type okki Nokki?

See Kenny he still has his hand in

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Well if I go deaf or blind they’ll be no good to me so you can have first refusal

Just wanted to know if they use the same threaded spindle for the clamp,and if it’s the same as the old ones.

After your last post, I have planned both for you.


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I retract somewhat unreservedly.

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