Cheap streamer/ DAC

Or Squeezebox server

So FoL is keen not have a big box to have to find space for, and she doesn’t rip music or have any CDs for that matter, it’s either vinyl or Tidal.

She is keen to get good sound quality and so I suppose the question is how great an advantage is it to have a DAC internal or external to a streamer, over and above something like the Chromecast and casting from phone / iPad?

If she doesn’t have a DAC, the Touch is really hard to beat. Decent sounding output, easy to use, small.

If she has an iPhone or iPad and can afford one (£300’ish used) then the Auralic Mini is brilliant.
I could happily live with one as my main and only source and I am the king of audiophiles.:prince:t3:

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You can also use YouTube Music to do it as well, it was a feature of the slowly disappearing Google play and has just been carried across to YouTube Music.

Does the Aries have analogue outputs?

Just to add, the Yamaha CD-NT670D has an Analogue input (for vinyl) as well as bluetooth in, and out to connect to Wireless Speakers (non Yamaha ones). And it has FM/DAB tuner too…

yes, just been looking at one on PFM, and the seller said it took a Vega DAC to beat the analogue out

Jesus, just get her a fucking Chromecast and stop being such a bell end :roll_eyes::kissing_heart:

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Chromecast plus these…

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Are you on fucking commission you omelette? :smile:

Edit: BTW where can I get one from?

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They’ve been discontinued :rofl:

Precisely :roll_eyes:

You can buy used and refurbished ones for buttons

eBay it is then.



I’ve got a Bluesound Node 2 you can have for £300

Still got all the cables etc and none of them have been used (except the power cable obvs)

The control panel looks like it’s bubbled but it’s glass/plastic and is just reflecting the wanky artex ceiling pattern.

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Artex, fancy :pleading_face:

I’d get a builder in to change it but they’re always on fucking holiday.


Some are also retired :grinning: