Cheap streamer/ DAC

FoL is looking for a cheap integrated streamer with DAC to play via Tidal/ Spotify etc. Second hand and budget about £250.

My initial thoughts were Bluesound Node 2 but any other ideas?

You can pick up the old Liv Zen or the Innuos Mini, old version, for that. And they are both rippers as well.

Sonos ZP80?

Ah, “integrated”, sorry.

Chromecast Audio?

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Well SBT, naturally.

Yep regret selling mine :cry:


Not sure it does tidal though.

I knew what you meant.

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Funny though, I think you can pick up a Transporter for less than £500 now.

Still better than 99% of anything else on the market.

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I think the Connect is legacy now. “Port” is the new equivalent.

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I have a spare Touch, a thing from Innuos called a Wave, which will do that (tiny thing about 3" sq), and an old Liv Zen, which will also rip.
You are welcome to try any of them, to see if they fit the bill.
They all require that Logitech Media Server to be running somewhere accessible.

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Been very impressed with the Yamaha CD-NT670D so far.

Really this. It sounds good, and works really well with Spotify, Tidal etc. It’s easier than anything else, and costs buttons.


I’m using 3 Chromecast Audio. They are very good.

Another shout for chromecast audio. Never fully understood the need for big boxes if you’re just streaming from a service, maybe different if you have a hard drive full of rips but for just streaming there’s no need for them, imo.

You can use Plex to play ripped music to it