Cheap VW Phaeton – Yes or No? (AKA bought Phatdeo instead 😬)


Who are you calling a massif porker :angry:


Update. Looks like the Merc is going the week after next, even in its broken state.

However, having to sell it as fucked has reduced my new car budget from £3000 to &1700, so the Phaeton is out.

So, even though I know what I want, your suggestions are usually funny, sometimes bizarre, mostly ridiculous and very occasionally useful. So - go on; knock yourselves out…


How about an Aston Martin? :rofl:


Lexus LS



Because I like decent cars, I would of course love one of these.

However you may have missed the “£1700” bit. It’s a whole car I want to buy for this, not just an alloy wheel.




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Skoda Superb. £1750.



Thought that was just the bill for the first random bit that would inevitably break. Like a lightbulb or such.

And then the same every few days.


Astra - possibly. Although the ones in my price range are the generation before Vauxhall re-discovered ‘styling’. Also Mrs. B hates them as an ex of hers had two and he was, by all accounts, a tosser.

Lexus. Nice but no. Jap cars may be more reliable but when they do go wrong they cost a fortune.

Skoda. Again, nice but German, despite what the badge would have you believe. See above regarding reliability/parts costs.

Alfa. :joy::rofl: No, but seriously…


Mazda Xedos £1295


I wouldn’t touch Mazda with a bargepole, had a nightmare with my diesel 6 a few years back.


French then :smiley:

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Every possible optional extra…including beige and wood :joy:

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Ooo - I forgot about the Mazda Xedos. Always loved the Xedos 9 and I adored my old MX-6.

Peugeot? With the greatest respect - do one.




Now you’re talking! :+1:

Incidentally, I had a look at the Skoda. It’s diesel. How very dare you…