Cheapo DAC

I’ve just got myself a new iphone pro due to a good discount. I’m itching to try hi res to see if my gig abused lugs can hear an improvement at 24/192. I doubt i will but doesn’t stop me wanting to scratch the veils lifted itch. So can anyone recommend a cheapo dac less than a ton or looking to get rid of one they no longer use to allow me to try it out?

I assume you’ll be using headphones with the phone & DAC?

I had one of these for my iPhone and headphones on the train, it sounded good to me and worked well with the Senn momentum’s I had


Do this for moar

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Thanks but topping only goes to 16/48. I want to try up to 24/192 to see how good or unhearable it actually is…

Cheers for the link to the mojo, at double my intended budget. I’ve now messaged the seller to see if it’s still for sale, bargain is a bargain after all :grimacing:

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Amazon have one for £8.99

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Buy once and buy right.

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Thanks but that only take optical or coax inputs. I need something that takes usb. Source will be iphone 13 to apple camera adapter to usb.

That’s why I’m always skint!

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