Chelseadave - 'ex-libris' stamp

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My inner-curator making a rare appearance here: I’d like to be able to keep track of which albums once belonged to Dave, and initially thought of printing some stickers.

Downside of those is the glue eventually fails, defeating the object. Instead I thought of having a wet-ink stamp produced: that would let me either print directly onto sleeves, inserts, or just a slip of paper leaving original packaging unmolested.

Something like this device:

Which (with the design I came up with - based on CFC’s logo) would look something like this:

It would be 15mm wide - which realistically is the limit of a recognisable image. Got to be blue ink!

1-off is about £15ea, 10-off brings the price down to £10.84ea.



Although (being vinyl-negative) I wouldn’t be participating, I think that’s rather splendid.

And yes, blue, obvs.

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I think it’s a fab idea. YMMV.

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Great idea

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Like it :+1:

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I’ll have one please :+1:

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It’s small enough to use on CD inserts, or your own forehead, as the mood dictates.

Poll added.

Love it.

How about, rather than buying loads, buy 2 or 3 and sending one on a tour of the lucky recipients, keeping the others back as a reserve in case the travelling one breaks or gets lost?

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Drumming-up business, eh?

Sensible idea TBH, although: effort! Ugh… :wink:

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It’s a top idea :+1:

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Not really much effort, each recipient is responsible for getting it to the following participant, just need a list of addresses and an order of participation.

I used to do travelling tapes that did the rounds of dozens of people around the world and only one of those screwed up, and that was because of Malawian customs and excise.

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