ChelseaDaves cds for sale

Will possibly try and get some of these on next week in between the records
Obvious expensive ones will be sold individually though I’m sure there are many gems in the others,just don’t have the time or headspace to discogs them all

I’ve not looked at what is there yet,still in the car.

Going to try and sell them in genres if I can.

They will be in piles of 5 and each pile will be numbered 1,2,3 etc,so just put in the numbers you want. Pile 4,6,9 etc. This keeps it very simple.

Price for each pile of 5 will be £15 plus postage.

Hope that seems ok
I’ll do my best to check the right cd is in each case.


Definitely interested.

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Keep an eye out for any SACD or hybrid SACDs Stu.


Found a couple of blues ones from the box I picked up last week.
Hopefully I haven’t overpriced the piles,but I think the blues ones will be worth it.
Will adjust other genres if needed.

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Living room is looking like Notting Hill record exchange shop Circa 78


As long as you don’t use there impossible to remove pricing stickers. Seriously though thank you for doing all of this.

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Seth Lakeman will buy whatever’s left :+1:


He only bought the bargain ones the other day,though I managed to sell his son some kids golf clubs.

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Have had a quick look at the cds.
I’d say 6-700 altogether.
First batch will be blues mainly.
There are lots of doubles of what Dave had on vinyl.

Lots of the others are Americana/bob harris/country type stuff,Hope there is some interest in those.

If I can,the first lot of blues will be going up Monday at 7pm
There will be 5 piles in each post,pics not videos and I’m going to try and rattle through them all Monday night.
Hoping to crash all the cds by next weekend.

All sales of the cds will be in this thread.


Hoping I can get the first batch up at 7pm tonight.

There will be 5 pictures in each post with 5 in each pile and a number in each picture.

So you don’t need to say artists or titles,just say 1-7-9-14 and a bag of prawn crackers.

For my sanity,every batch of 5 is going to be £10 to keep things simple.

I know this way isn’t ideal as you might only want 1 or 2 from each batch,but the thought of selling them individually is giving me the sweats.

If selling them in batches of 5 doesn’t work,will have to think of some other way.

It’s quite time consuming doing this and is interfering with my shoplifting work,so please be patient

There are quite a few nice cds that I’ve put to one side that will be sold individually.

I’m sure a lot of these blues ones are worth a few quid each.

Tonight at 7pm. :+1:


First 19 piles will be up in 3 minutes.

Each pile of 5 is £10 plus postage.

Just put what numbers you want.

These 19 are basically all Dave’s blues cds,though there might be a few I’ve missed which will be in other piles

All cds are there. I checked about 50 at random yesterday,and the discs were all in excellent condition.

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Pack 4