ChelseaDaves record sale batch B

I’m still on the way home from Dave’s,but will pull over as close to 7pm to get the video for this batch up.

All records in this batch are £10 each. I haven’t had time to check condition I’m afraid.

Please read this:

Once you have said what you want,please don’t add to that post,otherwise in theory,you coul buy everything.

When the dust has settled,please make sure it’s easy for me to decipher what you want i.e Mrs mills plays classic dub volume 1.

As it ends,please delete your choice if it’s gone.

I’ll try and get a list up tomorrow of who won what.



Can I have songs ohia please

Angus Julia stone x2 (both)

Green sleeves shoji

All three hans theesink
Don’t want delta time

Van Morrison - roll with the punches

Hi Stu,

Can I take the following please:

Hans Theesink and Terry Evans - Delta Time

Lightin Hopkins in New York

Can i have hunky dory please

Missed so deleted

Can i have santana

Pink floyd - animals

That’s my story jlh
Howling wolf

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towns van zant please - i was asking for both but happy with rear view mirror if stepmotheratomicbomb wants Texas rain

Muddy Waters - folk singer



Lianne le havas
Led zeppelin - soundtrack

I think I got four - if that’s too many just reallocate something to someone else. Thank you

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Hi Stu

Howlin New
Moondance Sounhouse

Thansk Mike

Missed it so deleted.

Missed so deleted

The healer
Confessed of the blues
Angus and Julia stone. Both of them
War on drugs

and missispi fred mcdowel
nirvana nevermind

Missed so deleted