ChelseaDaves Records Batch A £25

The video will be on this thread at 7pm

1/ all records in this batch are £25 each plus postage

2/ Please only use this thread for what you want to buy,any questions please use the other thread.

3 records have been pulled out

Miles Davis kind of blue - scratch
Jimmy reed at carnage hall - hairline marks
John Lee hooker burning hell - looks like manufacturing marks as it’s the same on both albums . If Matt deems any of them ok they will be listed when he returns.

Although the video shows 2 x dire straits,there is only one. If the others show up it will be relisted,or the buyer will get a spare album cover.

I’ve put this up early,as no one will read it at 7pm. :grimacing:

Good luck,if you don’t get anything on this batch,hopefully you will get something on the next ones.


Madeleine Peyroux
La Spagna (black & white cover) Santana abraxas

John Lee Hooker please (Serves you right)

Santana too.


If not already taken I would like the alison krauss lp please

Many thanks

Alisom Krauss

Blood on tracks
Otis blue

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I would like the nils lodfgren please

Jennifer warnes please

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I would like the fernandez please

Santana too

Tony Bennett please, Sinatra in Paris too if its available still

Sinatra Concert and Exile on Main Street please

Wu would like the rumours please

Ben Harper both

I would like the eva cassidy please

also the little feet live too please


Dire Straights brothers in arms please, my dad’s favourite

If not already taken, could I have the Paul Simon Graceland please?