Choice HiFi

Interesting that he still has most of that stuff from six months ago.

A lot of the big 2nd hand dealers are the same - Heathcote Audio, Emporium, Hi-Fi Trading Station etc still have stuff from about a decade ago (and the asking price hasn’t been reduced in that time either!!).

As and when my recent sales have all completed, in a week or two hopefully, I may well be trying to buy something from him so will find out for sure.

That is his front room. The speakers are high end and his demo pair.

Avalon and they need quite a bit of space around them (see the show demo’s for what I mean), they are going to sound pants in such a situation.

i bought a very nice mfa pre amp from alain and had excellent service . very well priced . i have spoken to him in the past and would happily deal with