Choice HiFi

Anyone dealt with them before? Is most of the kit they sell on a commission basis for someone else?

In 2008 I bought a HiCap from them. I was living in Melbourne at the time. Five months later no HiCapm no response to emails. I wrote to him explaining that I would be in the UK for work in a couple of weeks (it was the truth) and intended to turn up on his doorstep and/or furnish the police with evidence of theft on his behalf. Voila! HiCap arrived, although without power cord or snaic, so I cut my losses.

I’ve never had any dealings with him again. Others may have different experiences. This is the only distance purchase I have had hassle with in all my box swapping…

Prices look ‘optimistic’ to me.

For instance, the Proceed transport is £800, one sold on eBay last week for £350, the PAB stand is ‘new’ price, Mark Levinson 383 for £3.5K, they sell for £2K. pfft.

Thanks. It’s not the prices I have an issue with more what he is like to deal with.

Me too. :rage:

Years ago when looking at a new turntable it became clear he was selling on commission as he stated item wouldn’t be in a for a good few days. Not sure I know anyone who bought off him.

I’ve also made a few enquiries only to find out the item is overseas.

Though while he definitely sells stuff he doesn’t actually have in his possession he has been in business for a pretty long time so presumably must be keeping some customers happy.?

I’d still tread very carefully though and ask to collect with cash.

Nick to be honest if you or Paul haven’t used him and your such box swappers I would look elsewhere. I suspect a lot of it is also for sale through other channels. If as Paul suggest its overseas often I would check Hifi Shark and Audio Markt for the item of interest.

He has certainly blinged up his website since I last visited.

Also it would seem that the product info tells you if it is ‘in stock’ or held by a ‘3rd party’ - so he’s not trying to hoodwink anyone.

Wish I’d never looked at the website now - could prove to be very expensive.:sweat_smile:

I’m sure he does a less than generous trade in scheme Paul… :wink:

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Been a busy week of selling and other than my Auralic Mini I literally have nothing left to trade in.
Time to start all over again. Again.:grin:


So the Harbeths and Densen have gone?

Keeps you out of the pub I suppose. I would have said out of the bookies, but, well, you know…:joy:

And the Eximus, and the Trafo should be on it’s way to Holland next week.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been round his house twice. He seems ok (I interrupted Shiva!) His front room was crammed with stuff and he demoed some stuff I was interested in but I didn’t buy. Repaired something for me which did not last. Never been since.

None of this fills me with confidence. Oh well plenty more fish in the sea.

If you like something, do a seach on the web and see who actually owns it and do a deal with them.

Some photos of his stock room here: