Choose/ find me a Volvo 😍

Bored of my Freelander’s rough engine and wank sound system so decided I’d quite like a Volvo V40 to replace it.

Drawn to the interior comfort of Volvo’s and the 70+ mpg and performance of the diesels. Quite like the sound of Cross Country models too with softer suspension etc.

Don’t want a new one, an example witharound 25k miles is fine.

Not very knowledgeable about the specs if I’m honest but the main thing I care about is decent stereo, anything else is a bonus - which spec should I go for?

Brown interior is obvs :heart_eyes:




Isn’t legroom an issue with these?


Specs seem to suggest all the diesels >70mpg - obviously manufacturers claims can be overstated.

150bhp and 190bhp is plenty for me.

Only if you have clown like proportions and omit to pull the seat back.


Consider Discovery Sport before jumping ship from RR. Better refinement and improved NVH.
I, personally, find the Ovlovs to be excellent but I would chose the V60 as the load space in the V40 is “hatch-back” sized.

And are you really sucked in by manufacturer’s MPG claims ? You struck me as reasonably intelligent :thinking:

My first thought was Disco Sport but I’m not inclined to drop £25-30k on one right now.

The load space of the V40 won’t be an issue as part of the plan is to also buy a VW T5 and have a custom conversion done to it (replacing the T2 I’m afraid).

Nope it should still return about double what the FL manages.

Narelle says, “I will find him and I will kill him !!!”


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I know, I know. But wifey wants to go touring in Europe - we’re not doing that in our Bay I’m afraid.

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Go on, go on go on go on go on…


Unless you granny it round at 56mph behing a lorry on the motorway all the the time you’ll never get 70mpg. Look at honest john for real world mpg, more likey, with a weedy D2 engine is a high 50s average.

Feck, that is gorgeous ! Want.

However, I win the entire feckin’ interweb ------------------------

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I thang yoo :grinning:


That is beautiful

That’s an ugly bus (and I don’t care if it can go from 0-100mph in 3 seconds)

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Has the suspension failed or is @FatCuntTroller adjusting the seat out of shot?

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Neither. @FatCuntTroller is actually driving it. It is so huge he can’t see above the dashboard.



It’s absolutely lovely. Look at those lines, classic.

Eminently practical too :+1: