Chord Mojopoly

Sounds interesting

(half way down the page)

Although whoever comes up with these names needs shooting :smile:

and the pricing, £500 for a wifi and bluetooth addon when the DAC is only £400 is ridiculous.

I’m not sure about that. It’s in the same market as Astell & Kern. Compared with some of their output it’s a bargain.

It’s pretty clever stuff from the specs - I think it basically means I can stream anything from my phone, even hi res etc without wires to the mojo and into my ear holes.

Thats pretty neat IMO

Bought the Poly, just charging it up.

Got a free case too ‘coz I bought it from a real shop oooooh…

Looks a little fiddly to set up so we’ll see.

Generally IMO the Mojo is a stunning DAC, played through my main system it’s brilliant and gives my Bricasti a run for the money, so I thought I’d give this a go.