>>>> Christmas playlist >>>>

A place to add your favorite Christmas tracks - both winners and sinners.

Mr. MWS contribution

My little girl Ava is mostly appalled at your choices. :joy:

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I can’t help it, I just love this >hides<

Have yourselves a very Kirsty Christmas!

My most favouritest Christmas song ever.


‘Daddy this music is rubbish.’
“Yes dear and let that be a lesson to you - Never trust a man with the nom du plume Mr. Midweek sexy”

She liked the Judy Garland, broke my heart but she liked it. :cry:

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Albert King and Otis Redding what’s not to like?

It is difficult to win favor with the in-laws when this pops up on random play

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Strange bedfellows from my collection.>



Mostly traditional at Expat Manor;

Handel’s Messiah (various versions)
Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (Gardiner)
" " Mass in B Minor (Gardiner)
Various choral works from St Pauls, Gloucester and King’s College.

Then maybe this…

Then shed a tear to this…


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How a bit of lo-fi christmas

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Stronger than eggnog - Going up


Post feast aftermath - Coming down