Chrome Users - read this

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Ta- it has indeed just updated.

Chrome is horrific. I don’t know why any cunt uses it unless they actively want to be Google’s bitch.

Use Chromium instead.

Even Edge is less invasive on a M$ box.

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Serious question, is it that much better? I’m one of the cunts that use chrome, cos I know no better.

This. Do tell.

Also, what about Brave and Duck Duck go ?

Any good ?

Edit: Sorry, supposed to have been aimed at Pete :man_facepalming:

Firefox surely nowadays? I’ve been using it for ages and it’s fine.

Sooo 2010’s though Daahling

It’s a resurgence, currently the best browser

Has a great logo though



Well, I use Firefox. Chromium is more an alternative for users who prefer Chromium is what Chrome is based on, without the google spying.

I love it

Just trying the new Chromium based Edge. Seems :+1:

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