Chuck out those old hat MM’s n MC’s Let’s Go Optical

60 big ones! I’m actually sad that I’ve been in this hobby, in my little, bottom feeding way, long enough now to not even be surprised at that.

The cart is merely 15K Rob :grin: it can be used with their less ( relatively) spendy optical decoders
May happ the technology will trickle down the money tree in time.

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Still won’t be as good as a GE variable reluctance cartridge :grin:


At 15k reluctance is absolute.


My reluctance to pay that would be pretty fixed. And my cart isn’t one of the cheaper ones!

Must admit I assumed at first these were truly optical pickups (shows how tired I am…), which would eliminate cart wear and so perhaps the marginally-lesser Master 1 cart / phonostage combo ($22,500 a year ago) could possibly have a case made for it if you factor-in the replacement/rebuild costs of conventional carts… But no… You still have a stylus…

60large makes perfect sense to the kind of people who can afford 60large an a minor luxury… We are SO much not the target audience…

I’ve spent some time with the ‘cheapest’ one (about £5k for cart and the phono together). I honestly found it very good. The only issue is that if you already have a decent phono stage, it’s not going to work with the DS Audio so it’s generally going to be more expensive than s conventional replacement design.