Cinema and face masks

Wondering if anyone has been to the cinema, and sat through a film in a face mask? I’m quite conflicted about it, mainly because the new Christopher Nolan film, Tenet, is out soon, and I seriously want to go and see it in IMAX, but I get pissed off with a facemask after 15 minutes in the supermarket, so I’m far from sure I can deal with it for 2.5 hours in a cinema. I can see this seriously fucking the attendance numbers for films like Tenet and the new Bond movie.

Apparently attendances are pretty slim so far.

I have no idea what to do. I love cinema and have an annual pass, but I’m somewhat vulnerable medically, so don’t want to take risks. I have no real issue with masks tbh.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be going to the cinema. The only possibility is during the day once the kids are back at school - plenty of times I’m the only one there.

face covering.

Did two train journeys yesterday, one of 45 mins and another of 1hr 45. I found the comfort with face coverings is determined by the covering type. We bought loads of different types, and found the Adidas ones very comfortable for longer train journeys

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That’s an imax must for me.

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From what I know, they’re going to be having big spaces between occupied seats, and with attendances also being low, I expect it’s a relatively low-risk situation. I certainly have no ethical issue with masks, but I find my face gets really hot and I get a kind of face-claustrophobia after about 15 mins.

Ah ok, yeah that is a good point. I’ve been using some shitty one my uncle got in some offer in the paper. But actually my girlfriend just bought me a supposedly nicer one, that I haven’t tried yet. I guess experimentation till I find something that doesn’t feel horrible.

Couldn’t agree more!

That just made me think of bonsai kitten, for probably the first time in 15 years.

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we went through four of five different ones before we settled on the Adidas ones. They are well made and more importantly, the seams do not chafe the face

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Something that managed to pass me by at the time! :flushed:

How can anti covid man indulge in the dark? (Ice cream / popcorn / masturbation etc)

I was just talking to a mate who also very much wants to see Tenet at the IMAX. We concluded that the best thing is to have enough popcorn to last 2.5 hours, as the guidance is you need to wear a mask except when eating and/or drinking.

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To ensure a nice un-encroached seat, it might be an idea to cough loudly into your bottomless bucket of popcorn and exclaim in quieter moments of the film “Is anyone else hot in here?”


I’m going to the cinema tomorrow, they’ve specified that you only need to wear a mask while moving around the building .

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Oh wow really?! Ok, that’s great.

They really couldn’t enforce it in the screen room.

If you are spread out they don’t need to.

Can you imagine being challenged in the film!?

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That’s at Storyhouse in Chester , this is the seating plan, if you want one seat you have to pick a single one, you can’t pick one out of two etc. if you see what I mean.

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Wait for the dvd



Looks like they did a OK job on the former Odeon although I would prefer if the old auditorium was still an auditorium not a fancy Art Deco lobby. However suspect alternative was complete demolition.