Class D Amps

Opens enormous can of worms

Anyone found a Class D amp that they actually like the sound of? Based where we are, the temperature output of an amp is a very real consideration if I don’t want to end up running summer / winter amps. Probably to drive something like Triangle Cellos or there abouts.

I’ve heard a couple of Gato amps and they were pretty good.


Same thought - my Gato is noticeably warmer and more euphonic than the valves + class A kit - very pleasant, if that’s your thang - and drive anything.

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I recently purchased a Jeff Rowland Continuum 2 and found once it & the speakers have warmed up it’s pretty good. Has less bass than my monoblocks, but detail is better. I’m growing to like it more and more.


Primare for super-neutral.

They also do integrateds with their streaming platform built in.

Usually cheaper than Gato.


Another vote for the Gato here. I had a DIA250 and it was superb, particularly the on-board DAC is very, very good. It is now available with an on-board streamer so just add a phono stage for full function.

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NAD uses a tweaked Hypex arrangement and some of the Masters series stuff sounds good. It’s a little gentle for my subjective preference (I think that sufficient effort goes into avoiding accusations of them being ‘thin’ or ‘harsh’, that it goes out the other end) but they’re talented bits of kit. The Marantz Model 30 was nice too; similar Hypex arrangement married to a Marantz HDAM output stage.

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I have no vinyl worth mentioning, so phono not an issue at all.

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There is a dealer within just about possible travelling distance who actually stocks both Gato and Triangle. This could work.

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Well worth trying a Gato then. Lovely amps to use as well as to listen to.


Horns and flea amp


I think you have to be careful what speakers & input you pair them with to get the sound you like. For example, the amp sounded awful with the Chord TT dac. It had a thin and dull sound to it and not engaging. I felt I’d made an expensive mistake with the amp until I tried a PS Audio Directstream dac which then worked really well. Plenty of body to the sound and a sweeter top end. I’m very happy with the system now and find myself swapping out speakers to see which works best for my taste.

I’ve had no issues with matching speakers to the Gato. I hung it on the end of a pair of ART Alnico 8 signature loudspeakers for a setup that was ludicrously good. I think I took it to the 2013 Scalford along with an el-cheapo SimAudio Moon streamer and a full-fat Linn LP12 with Aro. (I was in the room across from Sodders so we had to turn up the wick to drown out the screams from his room).

The Gato was equally good with my Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers in the kitchen system until I traded it to @horace who either still has it, or killed it.


More like.

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I didn’t kill it, it killed itself. Gato fixed it for free though, so no complaints from me. Their customer service is absolutely outstanding.

It’s a terrific amp.

And yes, I still have it.


A likely story, which I’m fucking amazed that I remembered. Lovely bit of kit that…and I don’t have any of the stuff you gave me any more.

It really wasn’t my fault.

Valve amps, on the other hand…I swear they come to my house to die.


If it doesn’t produce more heat than power it’s rong