Classic Jags

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You getting old ?

Haha, just always liked them, this never went in to production.

You need to get yourself to the motor museum at Gaydon…

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I still miss my XJ6 Series 3. Most enjoyable car I’ve owned.


Are these the ones with the legendary ride quality?

It was fantastic both in terms of ride and (despite the apparent bulk) handling. It was also nice to have what seemed like a merlin engine at the front! I recall going for a ride in Julian Richer’s S Class Merc 600 at about the same time & thinking how horrible & dead it was. The Jaguar really did feel supple. Brother in Law was working for RR/Bentley at the time & even he was impressed.

I drove a friends to a Karting event down south a few years ago (he had a gas conversion on his), I got out as fresh as a daisy, terrific ride and sharp handling.

A friend of my dad had one. It left a big impression on me. We all called it ‘The Big Cat’

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I don’t think I have a digital pic of mine but it was a lovely looking thing. iirc Pininfarina redesigned the mk3 body & aesthetically (to me anyhow) they pretty much nailed it. No Jag saloon since has been as pretty. Just the right balance of sleek & curvaceous.


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This was my fav Jag…the XJ 12C.

Especially after seeing one in Custom Car mag many moons ago. It was something like this…




I was an impressionable teenager at the time. Plus the mag had a lot of ladies draped over cars “:ok_hand:

Ah, pics of young ladies draped over cars. There is a lot to be said for fond memories of frantic self-abuse decades after the event…<< :fist:>>

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The bottom one is John Steeds Jag from the Avengers.

You have all got this far and nobody has posted one of these, shame on you.


That makes it no less horrendous, despite the possibility of a youthful Miss J. Lumley in leather gear tied up in the boot.



E types are the dogs nuts

My Grandad had two type D’s, wish we still had them now.