Classifieds forum

Is there still a classifieds section? If not, will there be?

I have some vinyl to list, and thought I’d offer it up to the huge market here (there must be at least six turntable users on the forum) first.


I’d like to see a vinyl swap shop

Yes, a multi coloured one :slight_smile:


Good idea:heart:

Mint condition, only used once.

Swap for wooly jumper.


I’ve got some finishing touches, but DEAL (if you will hold for x1 week)




That’ll be £20 :nerd_face:


I’d gladly give up my firstborn for the privilege of supporting this wunnerful forum. If only there were advertising in the abattoir, cos then I could completely fail to see the irony of paying to be sold to by sponsors. Then I could be all precious and arsey with people whose sum total understanding of the issue amounts to ‘it’s only twenty quid innit’.

Or summat.


Oh, and thanks for the classifieds section.

I’ll make my listing as soon as I can be bothered.

Excellent, I have a few A sides I would like to swap for a B side or two.


I have a turntable I could sell.
I bought it brand new about 8 years ago, but prices have gone up since then and the pound is now worth shit so I am cutting my own throat and only asking what I paid for it which seems very reasonable to me.
Collection only as I can’t be arsed to put myself out in any way with packing or driving.
If you have the cash then send me a PM and I will tell you when it is convenient for me to let you collect.

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Does your turntable include the really expensive optional extra that you haven’t mentioned in your advert?

The really expensive extras are not optional, just expensive.

Can I have three please? But although you want collection only, I’ll sort out a courier.

Only if you pay up front by cash in a brown envelope, I am not responsible for the inevitable breakages you will get if you employ a parcel monkey.
Any courier will have to turn up in a predefined 15 minute window, and have plenty of packing materials (see previous post re packing).