Clearaudio Ambient/Unify/Statement

For sale is my Clearaudio Ambient turntable in Rosewood finish with 9" Clearaudio Unify Carbon tonearm in black and matching Statement record clamp. I am the second owner of this turntable which I bought from Richard Morris of Lotus340r in 2016.


This is a very good quality turntable which was only displaced from my system by an SME 20/2/SME V combination. (The IO Gold is not included in this sale.)

The turntable and tonearm are in excellent functional condition. There is a small mark on the tonearm where it engages with the armrest and a mark on the turntable next to the power on switch courtesy of the previous owner.


Otherwise the turntable is in excellent used condition with any marks on the top plate being under the platter:


The turntable and arm come with all manuals, packaging and accessories including white gloves.

This is the superior 3-belt version of the Ambient and I will supply the turntable with an additional fourth, spare belt.

I am looking for offers in the region of £2200 for the turntable arm and clamp. I am in Liverpool and would welcome the opportunity to to demo the turntable. As I have all the packaging I can ship at the buyers expense.


For offers very close to the asking price I will include a Lyra Helikon MC Cartridge. This cartridge has plenty of life left but will benefit from a retip in the not too far distant future. Please note that I do not have a stylus cover for the cartridge. Again, the cartridge comes with all other packing materials and accessories.


I forgot to mention that if this sells on here for close to the asking I’ll chuck £100 at Jon towards running costs for this delightful dumpsterfire of a site.


If I didn’t already have a nice turntable I don’t use, I would have this. Very nice.
I am sure it will go to a good home quickly.

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It’s a lovely looking turntable that is for sure.

Just a comment from a tired kicker


Sounds as good as it looks too.

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Gentle bump. I’m really not sure about selling this so it needs to go pronto or I will talk myself into keeping it.

That is a nice thing.

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Thanks. Quick bump for the weekend.


This nostalgia is really beginning to grate

You want to buy my turntable? I want to sell it.

Price reduction to £2150 for T/T, arm, clamp and cartridge. Obviously if the cartridge is not of interest then I can reduce the price further.


Another price reduction. £2000 including the Lyra Helikon (ovno). Ah go on, you know you want it…

and I want to give Jon £100 towards AA running costs if it sells on here…


Bump! Lovely bit of kit looking for a new home…


Just a reminder that I’m actually selling this T/T, despite it not selling yet. The donation to the AA slush fund is still on offer.

I’ll give you a monkey for it, cash :ok_hand:


Don’t think about for too long, he who snoozes loses innit :sunglasses:

I am not thinking about it at all. I’m just deciding on whether I should tell you to feck off or not.

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That would just be plain rude!