Clearlight Audio Aspekt 4 Shelf Rack

As some of you will have seen I’ve been selling off all my equipment on the other forums. I guessed as there were no valves, vinyl or horns it wouldn’t be of interest to you guys.

However now that it is all gone I do have my wonderful Clearlight Aspekt 4 Shelf rack to sell and as I rate it very highly I thought I’d give you guys first dibs on it. Shelves use spirals of Resonant Dampening Compound (RDC) and it sits on three RDC cones.

I sold a three shelf version a few years ago to someone on here (one of the Robs or Matt I think?).

This cost a grand over twenty years ago and still got best buy reviews from all the mags - see quotes above. Dimensions also on above photo.
Given Hi-Fi inflation since then it would be crazy money today.

Large double RDC sandwich top shelf that is big enough for most turntables. 3 more shelves with extra height on the bottom shelf so ideal for valve amps.

£300 collected from NN6 8EH


Now he tells me that I missed the TacT :laughing:

Glad you got a sale anyway.

I bought the three shelf version (still have it) and they are indeed very good.

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Sorry man - I had previously thought it would be the perfect amp for you. My bad. :v:

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