Clicking 'Audio Abattoir' to update

I used to be able to keep an eye on the latest posts across the whole forum just by clicking the Audio Abattoir logo in the top left corner. I may be wrong, but that seems not to be working now. If I move the cursor over it it changes from the ‘arrow’ to the ‘hand’ symbol, suggesting it’s active. But if I then click no new posts appear. If I refresh the page in the browser they do. Has something changed ? If it has, should it have ?

EDIT - seems to be working now (15 minutes after first post).


Works for me.

Chrome, on a phone.

Windows 10/laptop

Stopped working for me at least 24 hrs ago. I now have to click on ‘Unread’ then click on the unread topic.

I’ve considered suicide.


It seems flaky here. I thought it had got better but in fact it hasn’t. It seems to work, including updating, if I click AA to return to the list of recent posts from within a thread. But it fails most of the time if I click when I’m actually looking at the list of recent posts.



Should have said, I use Chrome

Just new wanky JavaScript that makes stuff change all the time. Who wants change?

People who wouldn’t get paid otherwise.