Closed back Headphones

I am looking for a pair of closed back headphones, to use, if I ever have to go back into hospital.
I have a good music player, phone, tablet and Kindle, in my kit bag.
I want them to be very comfortable and musical, rather than up front, lots of detail, etc.
Say £250 budget.

I should add, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD250’s, and they are fine, but a little hard to drive.
I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD280’s which I don’t like the sound of.

Would wireless suit?

I have wired Momentum 2s and I’d definitely call them musical rather than analytical, although they are detailed.

I would prefer just wired. No frills like noise cancelling, wireless, etc.

FoL1 Ellie has the open backed version of these:

They’re certainly comfortable and sound great too, possibly they enhance the bass a little too much, but I’m sure you could adjust the settings on your player to compensate.

Beyer DT770.

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Dumb question, which version? 32ohm, 80 ohm, 10000000000ohm…I guess some are more suited to studio desks and other headphones outputs on domestic amps?

32/80 ohm for portable devices. 250 for stand alone amps. The 250s have more refined/neutral bass but otherwise I like them all.

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Bose echo cancelling, great for cancelling out the wails and screams of the OAPs left to die in corridors .


Audio Technica AT-M40X, surprisingly good sounding for not a lot of money and very easy to drive.

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I will try Edd’s 80 ohm Beyer DT770 against my Sennheiser HD 250’s, 300 ohm, and see what the difference is in driving them, as well as sonic differences.