Closing Sale

I have some gear to sell.

Trafomatic Experience 2 300b Integrated with remote £1700
Trafomatic evolution one pre £800

Trafomatic classic 1000 power conditioner £1000

Hifi Racks Headphone stand £20 (have 2)

Graphite RecordWeight 350G £50 + PP (I have 2)

Modwright 36.5 pre for in black, boxed, remote and it has been fully serviced and tested by the UK repair agent Ampregen with no use since. Sold

Sure the double one is 140 wide? Me out if it is sadly.

Payment sent.

Big racks gone.

Bugger, just measured up too

Both racks now gone.

I will be travelling from Malvern (where Jack is) to London this Friday.

I don’t understand what half the kit above actually is, and I’m on train and foot, but if there’s something portable and I can help with logistics please give me a shout.

I’ve sent a pm…

If you can have a look please?

He’s moving house hence his absence.

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Hi, the SME sold a while back.

I’m taking things off the list as they go.



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List updated, open to offers via PM on remaining

Still want a headshell, may as well try a weight too?

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I’ve pm’d you about a weight

List updated

List updated