Does anybody know anything about Cloudflair?

It’s just started blocking access to websites?

Says Forbidden 403

Cloudflare, i presume you mean?

They are are DNS and security provider.

My mistake, they have been blocking access to websites I was using yesterday.

Stereophile was one and a pool table supplier in Essex was another.

I use Cloudflare DNS and I can get onto Stereophile fine. Do you use their DNS? What makes you think they are the problem?

TBH I don’t know a lot about what goes on in the background with the internet.

It sounds like the target website is configured incorrectly. Or you’re following a link to a page that you don’t have permission to view. Do these sites need you to have an account? Can you just go to ok?

Stereophile is now working but still can’t get to

Like i said, it was fine yesterday

Certificate is dodgy on that site, its fronted by cloudflare so they may be having issues

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I saw that, but had the same issue with stereophile so seemed odd to me especially as I am trying to buy a pool table from essex leisure.

Not much you can do, I think it’s a config issue on their side, cloudflare proxy traffic for websites and it looks like Essex leisure haven’t got the right certificate between themselves and cloudflare.

Cheers, I will just hang fire as I was concerned their site had been hacked and it was not safe to proceed with a purchase.