CNC all the things


You knows it, clart!


Second set coming together.


Some more progress, second baffle cut, boxes lined with deadmat and foam.


Are these using the same drivers, as the previous pair?


Yes, other people wanted a set so I’m in the process of making another two pairs.


Wife has a Silhouette cutting machine, so cnc cut some gaskets :slight_smile:


Started on the crossover boxes, made some labels out of anodised aluminium. Got the boxes on ebay, gave them a quick coat of clear.


Proper lovely that :+1:


Needs filling with cat litter to sound any good.
(Used would be even better… )


I can send you some for free. In fact I’ll even pay the P&P as an introductory offer


Used, I presume …:stuck_out_tongue:


Meh. Needs more Foo.


10 pairs of terminals :sob:


Yes it needs some capacitors the size of Coke cans :+1:


BTW - with the Dynamat stuff, it’s worth texturing its surfaces with something - break-up internal reflections. Works better in smaller randomly shaped and placed pieces too, just looks shit (but who sees it?).



What internal reflections.




Nice buttplug. :+1:


That’s your problem, Edd. If you spent a little time on internal reflection, you’d be a far better person. Or more likely worse. Nevermind me.


:open_mouth: You really should talk to Cloffo about brothel recommendations…