CNC all the things


But all my gear is black and silver (apart from CD player and speakers)


Could always paint it black and silver. :rofl:


Progressing nicely, lI am looking forward to the start of the NACAJOD Phono stage

(Trying to work out if NACAJOD or NACADOJ sounds better).


Another badge…


What’s a slep-up?


You had to ask. :scream:



Do I get the biggest cunt award?


Yes !


Meh, stupid CAM software.


Meh, stupid operator.


What a s(ch)lepper!


Redid the badge and polished the dogbones. :smiley:




Thanks mate. The lighting under the spot brings out every scratch, It looks much nicer in real life! Hand finished it with 2000 grit and soft abrasive pad, which gives it a nice finish in reality.


I would suggest polishing compound, but you’ll be at it forever trying to take out that last tiny little mark. There’s no need, it looks great as it is and who wants a mirror finish anyway? They’re a nightmare to maintain.


It’ll do, I suppose.


Looks pretty damn ace from where I’m sitting :+1:


Lovely, it really did need a joke “shake it all about” version in the middle :slight_smile:


Made a badge!


you gonna glue it to yer porker?