CNC services

Can anyone recommend a CNC place?

Want to make a new case for Phono amp. I have some 6mm ally plate I want machined to suit.


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My machine will handle 6mm plate, just depends what you want doing and the final level of finish. with its front panel designer is also a good bet and decent pricing for one offs.

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Top panel would be around 240 x 400mm with below cut outs/holes

Front would be just a switch and led, rear in out Phono and an iec socket. Not sure on dims yet.

I can do that on my machine, though I haven’t tried countersinking. My main issue is the end finish, aluminium can and will get scratched up quite quickly, if you want perfection and no scratches, I wont be much use.

I can clean up the surface. It’s not in fantastic condition anyway.

I’ll look into the link above too.

The software is pretty good, its in the options to supply your own material although 6mm plate doesn’t cost much in the scheme of things.

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Will have to wait till I’m in the office tomorrow.

4mm would be Ok, it’s just I have some 6mm here.

They can supply up to 10mm I think, in lots of colours, or you can send it to them.

I can probably handle up to 10mm with the current tooling I have. cutting area is 500x500 or so.

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Birmingham Aluminium do cutting etc as well. I think @coco has used them for heat sinks

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I should dig out the ally I have and check the condition, that will be a deciding factor.

A brushed finish hides a lot of sins. Not too difficult either if you are fairly handy.

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I’ll have spare to practice on.

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