Coco BTJ-9000

Just looking at the size of that mains transformer.
This is a phono stage?

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Bloody toobs.

Not enough, in fact any, crocodile clips. This is Rabs building his amp and hijacking Pete’s account.

Lol, not in our lifetime Bob.


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Lol, not in our lifetime Bob.

Or his, I suspect.


Ah, the venerable MWS-2000

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Which will need a tri-axel trailer and a police escort to transport to a bake off.

Don’t forget the lead aprons.

Still takes some beating - as demonstrated at the bake last week!

Be fair. It’s a £300 kit pre amp whose linestage was still good enough to show the difference.:grinning:

Yes sorry, that comment was a bit thoughtless…

No worries. There aren’t going to be many phono stages at any price that are going to better the LCR one you have. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Nobsound did.

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Filed on the shelf of woe next to:
Post office girls phone number - Lost
Chocolate fountain - Broken
Trickers brogues - Couldn’t be assed to re heel - binned
Lucky pants - Mislaid in Ibiza

There has been progress, just no time to post.


Started with on the top deck.

The RC part of the LCR network:

Max. foo - Duelund caps and Texas TX2575 resistors.

Mounting tube sockets:

LCR inductors:

LCR network done:


God that looks sexy. WTS Allnic phono stage.

That’s some full on duelund porn right there.

Is my sense of scale fucked or are those caps huge?

I love copper, looks great!


The copper plate is 10 cm wide.