Coffee machine

Grinder recommendations please at reasonable money welcome
Still on look out for the right machine. Bambino plus seems to be top of list atm but open to suggestions
Also suggestions for good beans

Not top end as grinders go, but good value.

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There is one of these for sale on FB market place for £100. Wasn’t sure how good it was

Not as good as the one David mentioned up thread, but defo adequate.

Daughters use one with their (previously @browellm 's) Bambino+ - a nice pairing. :+1:

First part of the coffee journey in place.
£75 on Facebook marketplace.


Course grind of Aldi beans brewing with an
aero press made rather a nice coffee.
Looking for bean recommendations now to improve the finished product

There are loads of roasters around who will all provide a better product than the supermarket.

One I use has a trial offer on now with free postage

If you click through the referral link below you should get an additional £5.00 off
(I also get £5.00 credit)

This will help you work out what beans you prefer then a lot of people find a local supplier


Seriously Tim, the biggest upgrade you can do now is to start buying fresh beans. Fuck off anything with a best-by or use-by date on the packet.
You need a packet with a “roasted-on” date. Ensure that date is no more that 3/4 weeks before you are drinking it, preferably less.


Yeah I’m taking a look at the beans it is confusing where to start though when you’re a beginner.

A good start:

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More or less any roaster will offer freshly roasted starter packs with all the process info on them

Square Mile
Clumsy Goat
Angry Mule
etc etc

I would stick with single origin rather than blends as then you get an idea of what area and process you like


200 degrees is local and good.


It’s OK. A little over developed for my taste.

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For more confusion, I am very much enjoying these guys coffee atm

@Kevin not too far from you either

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Thanks for the heads up, will defo try them

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It’s a nice place to have a coffee on a sunny day too and they have good pastries :grin:


Thanks to @Kevin there is a lovely Bambino plus with accessories on its way to me soon.
The next leg of the coffee faff journey in place.
Next stop great beans to use.


I’ll be making my first coffee’s later today.


First latte has been well received by Kate although my attempt at latte art was dismal.
My first Americano is more than acceptable
16g was exactly 32g of espresso.
Not bad for the first attempt


Glad it is working OK :+1:

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