Come on Higgins


He is who I’m cheering for in the final.


I fucking hate Judd Trump - so he’s bound to win.

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I would like to see Trump win, but it is a long haul and Higgins will probably grind it out and bore him to death.
If David Gilbert had a bit more experience at this level Higgins wouldn’t even be in the final.

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Higgins is a cheating arse.

Anyone but him.


Come on Higgins


Gilbert bottled it. I would like to see Trump win, not because he’s local lad, but because his opponent agreed to throw frames for financial advantage. Higgins is a cheat.




^ this

I know he didn’t do it and it was a sting, but he agreed to do it.



yeah come on Higgins


They are the two most dislikeable players - I won’t be watching.


I’ll cheer on Higgins for you


Just been chatting to a guy who played poker with him in the past !

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Put a bet on him too.

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Trump wins 8 out of 9 frames in the second session.

Higgins goes down to Ladbrokes…


Higgins get a call from the syndicate backing Trump telling him the brown envelope will be left in the usual place.


Come on Higgins


You’re trouble you are.


You’re Rob you are


Trump only needs two frames, won’t be a late night tonight.
I expect the BBC have a few episodes of Coast lined up to fill the schedule.


Mods - Close the thread :grinning:

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