Coming Soon to theatres near you

Denis Villeneuve to Direct Rendezvous with Rama Adaptation (

Finish Dune first!


I appear to be a total Villeneuve fanboy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This stream should be called ‘Coming soon to Cinemas near you’. I got all excited for a minute and then found out it was about just another crappy old film.

And in other SCI FI related news …

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I had the confused about why I didn’t recall any of the faces.
But then I realised it wasn’t Battlestar Galactica.
Although one alien looks just the same as the next on these things (is that offensive?).

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Yer, a perenial problem with SC FI series , bi pedal, humanoid like etc etc , resorting to moving a few prosthetic lumps and bumps around the face

In cheerier news, I have to say that word of this “… outright triumph, both of acting and special-effects make-up …” has really warmed up a dull grey S Oxon morning

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or probably TVs

Boinnngggg… it’s coming back

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