Computer speakers

anyone have any recommendations? i have been using a tivoli radio model 1 which is good but its causing background noise (getting old) so thought I might move into the 21st century with something designed for the purpose.

harmon kardon sound sticks are expensive so I presume a bit crap, prefer to spend less ideally too

any reco’s also need a set for my son in law who is a gamer (mine are for office, guitar and youtube as dont do gaming at all)


Acoustic Energy Aego, great second hand for about £40.



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This^ Tough to better for the price.

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Agree if you can find some

I bought a pair for my stepson this year. There are plenty on eBay.

Sounds ideal for me as fine with 2nd hand

Anything new and sub £100 for the gamer present

looks like my wife is going for the bose ones for circa £90 - she likes the shape, I am struggling to find the AEGO in decent condish so might end up sticking with the tivoli, hard work this computer audio

colleague has Audioengine A5+ and likes them alot

Brand new ones here for £25 each.

I used Eclipse TD 307s (I think) until the wife banned me from playing Belgian nosebleed techno while she was on teleconferences.

I use headphones now :frowning_face:

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It’s a hollowed-out shell of a man who can’t shout “TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO” in the background while his wife goes over the Jira backlog.


unless things have changed since i bought mine you need the base unit which houses the amp and the sub.

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Didn’t know that. Just assumed they were active.

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This is actually not too bad.
Have the upgraded Pro model, in use now.

Looks like you do need the sub, which is £50, so £100 for a 2.1 setup

which is what I paid new for mine, when AE were selling off their stock

I should just stop posting, till I read and understand, what I have read.
Sorry, didn’t read.
I do have a working set, in the loft, all boxed up, but I was trying to suggest something, independent.
I am getting old and fckd!

its complicated tbh - too much choice, now down the rabbit hole of monitors for home recording as well as using for skype/teams calls, sub or no sub - may stick with the dodgy tivoli

the AEGO would have been great but can’t find a pair in decent condish so will keep looking whilst I read more - to add to my woes the dell fancy pants monitor my wife bought me in april just cracked - not sure I want to lay out £300 to have that happen again but the 21 inch cheapie I am now using feels complete shite in comparison - so also looking for monitor reccos (might try dual screens)

having fun looking at least, thanks for the help thus far

very nice but spendy at new price - interested if you know of any nicely kept but hard worked on belgian nosebleed techno second hand pairs :slight_smile:

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