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Basic question probably but I don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

I run XLR balanced cables into my active speakers - I am getting a preamp with single ended outputs - would this convertor be right?


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1/4" jack is not a common output connector for pre-amps, but if you’re sure that’s what you need and if your active speakers don’t adopt some strange signal pin convention then that adaptor should be OK. Most preamps would have RCA/phono outputs though.


It will not make the signal balanced.

Sorry my bad - it’s an RCA/phono (precisely the reason for me making sure) I’ll try and find one…

Everything Graham said with some additional input from a fellow active speaker user.

There is some likelihood, that using the adaptor you linked too may necessitate adaptors at both ends if wanting to use an existing set of balanced xlr cables. If your actives are Pro orientated models then they may have combi sockets that will take both xlr’s & jacks. I have some Adams that have this provision as well as a separate unbalanced RCA input, which is handy for hooking up to a variety of pre-amps.

If your incoming pre has RCA single ended outputs & your speaker supports a jack input then these would be a sensible hassle free option.>>

True. Only a transformer would do that (properly). But quite a lot of balanced input kit still works when the sig minus is grounded. Whether you get the hum-and-noise rejection that true balanced gives you will depend on the details of the wiring though.


Buy a different preamp with XLR outputs.:ok_hand:

Too late :smirk:

Thanks for that - only XLR inputs on the actives sadly, so I’ll need a converter Male XLR to phono

What are the speakers?

I have a couple of sets of the Neutrik adaptors, both male & female xlr to phono sockets. They are a handy thing for the spares box, but they are quite massy & bulky so they can make connections look a bit of a mess & also in some cases, dependent on bulk/stiffness of existing cables can also cause clearance issues in some instances or place extra unnecessary strain on the components connection points.

Given that a pair of the correct adaptors will likely cost circa £20, you may find summat like these a neater all round solution for little more dosh.

Quality connectors & grade/choice of cable for these

Or loads of much cheaper options here. >>

XLR to RCA cables

Edit^^ second linky now fixed…derrp! :slight_smile:

Ah jeez you guys - thanks a lot very helpful :+1: think I’ll go for the van dammes/neutrik. You can’t beat a quality cable.

The monitors are Geithains

I’ve used RCA to XLR converters in the past without any issues. As mentioned, it won’t be balanced as the negative will be linked to ground. You’ll just have to check whether you need adapter for male or female XLR.

Like this…

This is similar to what I’ve used.

Cheers Rick

Nice, always fancied hearing a set.

Normally inputs will be female:

For which you’d need…

Though getting a suitable set of cables made-up is optimal in terms of minimising extra contacts.

This. Adaptors are always shit, they never feel solid.

Yep, I’m going to do this.

which pre amp did you go for in the end bolts ?

Luxman by -DaveBailey1-