Considering SSD in my NAS

Hi all.

In the past I’ve replaced both my NAS and the disk(s) inside it every five years.

It’s now getting of for five years, and the disk unit has made a few worrying re-seeking noises.

My current NAS is a single bay Synology DS118 and to be honest there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s still the current model in the Synology range, other than the DS120J which looks like it has less compute horsepower but the same “low” power consumption.

So now I’m thinking of just replacing the disk with an SSD, not because of speed but because of power consumption - the internet says that on balance SSDs consume less energy. I currently have a Western Digital “red” 2Tb spinning platter device in it.

Am I being dumb?

Any recommendations for a 2Tb SSD that won’t break the bank?

Thanks in advance.

edit: “now getting on”, not “not getting on” :man_facepalming:

2TB SSD is quite expensive, I cant see you getting the money back in power saving. And you’ll not see any speed increase over a 1GB network connection and a low-ish powered NAS box.

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SSDs are OK, and pretty fast. BUT, unlike your current HDD, you get zero warning whan they fail (they do) and zero chance of data recovery. So I would back it up with a standard HDD. To save power you can use a USB disk and only plug it in when needed.

Even if you did change the drives I wonder how much power you would actually save as the power supply is designed to feed spinning platters.

Fair point. A replacement identical HDD is £76.73 with your favourite tax-dodging penis-rocket people.

SSDs look like they’re £150 - £170.


And yes, speed isn’t a consideration. The current set up is absolutely fine for what I do (play music).

If you’re worried about losing the files, a RAID box doing mirroring is the laziest option, failing that, a periodic copy to another disc is worth doing anyway. Most backup software makes that very simple, except the first backup will take a while - 2TB discs are great until you need to back them up or checksum the damn things.

Oh I do. Two separate HDDs :+1:

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Yeah - don’t really trust that. It can protect against losing a volume, but not fire, flood or stupid.

As you say

the Synology built-in incremental backup is pretty good. I have two further 2Tb USB disks that I back up to. Or to which I back up :laughing:

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Save the SSD money and buy a better power supply, much better upgrade :wink:

Since when has RAID been back up?

Don’t start with that… if you have two mirrored discs, if one fails you dont lose all your data. If it catches fire you do, so you need an offsite backup too.

ZFS ftw


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