Conveyancing Fees?

Anyone had any recent experience?

We’re selling our (freehold) house to our next door neighbour. There is a small mortgage to pay off.

Not done this for 25 years, so no idea on solicitor’s fees.

When we last moved we tried to use a solicitor. He made a complete arse of doing something else relatively trivial for me. Then he did feck all about our conveyancing while delaying everything and being a complete arse. Can’t remember the fees he wanted to charge @Jim.

We sacked the solicitor in the end and used a specialist conveyancing firm who got everything done in record time, sorted out some of the vendor’s errors (she was elderly, on her own and clearly unwell) and were generally excellent. I think that set me back £500, which was a bargain after the solicitor feckin’ us around.




I bought two houses in 2015. Brief charged me a grand for both lots of whatever the fuck they do.

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I presume negotiations began in 2011 and were delayed because solicitor.

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Just message @akaYoda, he did our conveyancing and was thoroughly excellent


Actually apart from one seller lying about want he said he’d leave and then it wasn’t there on moving day it all went really smoothly. Both places were empty when we viewed and we weren’t selling so nothing had to tie up chain wise.

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Jim, conveyancing firms usually vary their fee based on the value of the property. Give a couple a call, they’re usually quick to quote. We had a couple of good experiences with this lot

They’re based near Reading but we did everything on line and via post. Very easy, though that was a few years ago now and I guess things can change. Made the mistake of using the Estate Agents (Hamptons) attached conveyance team last time on the basis they would be motivated and work closely, they were a disaster.

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Don’t use a conveyancing sausage factory where you ring a call centre, speak to a different non qualified youngster (who will leave after being there a matter of months) (that is once you’ve managed to get through the press 1 for this option, 2 for that option etc etc).

I wouldn’t use the one recommended by the agent and definitely don’t use Conveyancing direct.

Far better to ring, speak to a receptionist or secretary and get through to the qualified person dealing with the entire transaction for you. Personal service is very worthwhile. Unsurprisingly, I would recommend using a Solicitor (but you need a good one).


I don’t know about conveyancers but Solicitors are regulated by the SRA (government ombudsman) and insured up to £3 million, which is VERY useful if anything goes wrong!

Our conveyancing man has acted for us twice in the last year and my daughter is now using him for her first flat. She was very pleased when his quote came in about £500 cheaper than the London shyster quote. All fees plus his charge came to about £1200 each transaction. Don’t know if that is cheap or pricey but he does a great job, works for you and doesn’t take shit from the other side (he’d make a half-decent meatman!).


We don’t sell many houses here in Stockton. I don’t know why :grinning: so can’t help you Jim :grinning:


I used a solicitor I didn’t know as they charged £300 to buy a £360K house 4 years ago. They did not sell my old house.

They were OK, but you had to chase them most days to find out WTF was going on.

@akaYoda does this for a living, probably better to ask Mike.

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We paid about £800 for a sell and similar for a buy high street solicitors . We did see some much cheaper internet prices but decided against it.

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Are conveyancy firms like Hifi cables?
Get something reasuringly expensive and put your mind at rest even if the only difference between the two is price :grinning:


Currently involved in several sales . Conveyancing fees average 1k and have done so for past 2 to 3 years

Don’t the tenants mind ? :slight_smile:

Well one is a charity house we couldn’t rent after i spent a lot of effort renovating becuse of the area , one is a deceased relative and one is the tenants hopefully buying it !

Ok, thanks everyone.

I’ve now received a quote from @akaYoda 's firm which seems reasonable and Mike says he’ll deal with it personally, so I’m very happy to go with him :+1: