Going to try cooking sichuan twice cooked pork tonight. Pork belly boiled till almost cooked and cooling in the fridge :thumbsup:


I had a ham and cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps.:neutral_face:

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Recipe here

I like pork belly because of all the fat. Pork fat is fucking tasty.


Recipe link :+1:

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Bookmarked because it fits with my diet. Thanks.

Tonight I had a pair of Black Farmer pork sausages and salad. Lovely, but I missed the ketchup. So next time I’ll be making a low sugar salsa.

It’s extremely complicated but the most important ingredient is the bottle of Sangiovese.:wine_glass:

Oh dear, red lentil curry made here.

@mosfet a good breakfast for you…

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Don’t you like sausages then Nick? :wink:

Shopping fail :angry:

Goulash last night made with smoked garlic and smoked paprika.

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Breakfast…a kings breakfast this the Adlon in Berlin…amazing …champagne, choice of egg, goose eggs, hens egg, duck , quail…about 6 different sausages, hams salamis …fish smoked, unsmoked with or without out sauce…caviar…fruit pastry and more …breakfast took 3 hours

Which doesn’t beat last night’s 9 course tasting menu of 4.5 hours…


Holy shitballs that sounds amazing. Clearly the place to drag the Wench for a romantic weekend away.

It might be if I had a clue what it was?? Peas and summat?

Either tofu or chunder?



Defo looks like something I find on the platforms at work.

I’m not entirely convinced that Berlin is really romantic weekend material…even if the Adlon is one of the nicest places to stay.

Well we both speak German, and Tora’s family hails from there a few generations back (fled Nazis etc.) so there’s lots of history and things for us to go see.