Could use some upgrade advice

Don’t think I’ve ever heard any Sonus Fabers, but I definitely hope to touch one some day. Lovely woodwork…

My Rb300 has had an Incognito rewire and an underslung counterweight, so I assume is about as good as it can be…

The arms are identical so guess it depends if you think cables make a difference. Jack (ciderpig) might be able to give you a better idea.

An IO and suitable SUT will be the bigger upgrade, so if that means going for the copper wire arm so be it.

Well, cables certainly make a big difference to the price…

I might shy away from an Io - I’m instinctively nervous of the combination of cost, fragility and finite lifespan of expensive cartridges. How about a nice mid-price Audio Technica? I had a succession of OC9s and liked them a lot.

What’s mid price AT? Have to be honest and say I find AT’s MC carts too bright for me.

That’s why I recommended the Hana SL, not because I’ve got one, it’s just that it’s very balanced, is fairly tolerant of poor recordings, and is seriously underpriced for the money (mine hangs off an AN arm 3 by the way - my paranoia overcame my scepticism about cables).

Get an Arm 1,2 or three and buy Bob’s Koetsu.

Take missus away for a dirty weekend. Give rest of money to kids. Be nice to them as they have to put up with you.


@horace what went wrong with the Gato? Did they take long to fix it?

Granted, the missus is a diamond and deserving of a medal.

But the kids? They don’t know they’re born.

The only thing they have to put up with is me saying meaningless shit like ‘you don’t know you’re born’. WTF does that mean anyway?
And there is no way I am actually the worst parent in the world - not by a long way.

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I never said that. I am sure you are very lovely.

It’s on its way back to me now.

No idea what the issue was, but they tell me it’s fixed.

No, not you - my bloody kids.

I am lovely though.

Yes you are. And you deserve nice things. Just get the Koetsu.

Just don’t be stupid and break it, so that it needs a full rebuild that can be claimed on your insurance. That would be stupid. Really stupid.

Shhhh - insurance spies…everywhere.

I’d like a koetsu.

Maybe not on an Rb300 though.

Definitive have some nice van den Hul cartridges on their list of stuff. I quite like vdH. I don’t get Io’s, but that is just my taste probably. Cheaper to rebuild that a Koetsu by some way though. But I like Koetsu. Lovely they are.

A Koetsu Black would probably work alright on a Rega or AN.

A pair of Avantgarde Uno Finos if they pass the visual test :smile:

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The seller is a good guy.

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Keep the H2, buy an ongaku.

I might be interested in an ongaku at @horace’s budget. Are you selling one Pete?

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Good plan.

With only one tiny flaw.