Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 3rd June 2018


Enjoy the day.


Thanks to everyone who came to my bakeoff today. It was great to catch up with you all. I’m pleased that I got the Avondale monoblocks out; it would have been unbearable with the heat from the Alephs.


Many thanking yous Ian @Ijrussell for another amusing day out, and to Tim @Spider for being my driver for the day :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed catching up with everyone again :+1:


Thanks to @Spider for delivering my new Velvet Vortex ultrasonic record cleaner and to @edd9000 for my new foo DCB1 buffer.


Both lovely bits of meat man kit!

Thanks for the hospitality as always.


I hope all went well today


Great day out, glad you like you Velvet Vortex, thanks for a brill bake off. System sounds fab.
Thanks to Rob for tweeters and keeping me entertained with conversation there and back.
See you all soon. :+1:


Great day again !Thanks to all


Lovely to see you all again. Thanks to Ian for hosting :+1:

The case Edd has produced for Ian’s buffer looks fab :heart_eyes: