Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 3rd June 2018

Room for 10 or so for a day of tunes, and maybe a bit of kit swapping, between 11am and 7pm. I’ll provide tea, coffee and fruit juice plus pizza mid-afternoon. Bring music on vinyl and/or CD/USB.

Edd9000 (Edd)
MickyRicky (Micky)
DiveDeepDog (Mark)
FreeFallRob (Rob)
Sap7 (Steve)
Spider (Tim + Kate)
crimsondonkey (Wayne)
cragger (craig)
thickcables (Barrington)
scidb (Dean)

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Yes please Ian.

Please Ian

Go on go on go on :slight_smile:

I why not :+1:

I’ve got to be working that day.
I’m due some bad timing.
If not I may have the pimped paradise to try?

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Hi Ian
Put me and Kate down for this

Hiya Ian,

Stick me down and I’ll get there at some point if you have space :+1:

Yes please mate.

Yes please Ian


Put me down for this. I have not been to a bake off for a long time.

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You must be hungry then? :slight_smile:


I’ll bring a load of shortbread stuff

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PM sent to all attendees with details about the day.

I’m at work bit will try and get away early.

Love to be there but I’m in Wales that weekend

Weather forecast looking good Ian ,Sunny 23% .


Excellent - alfresco pizza. :slight_smile:


I’ll either be stuck at work, or can escape about 1pm when another manager appears…
So I might be there mid afternoon. If it’s a day like today I won’t get out :cry: