Coventry Pre-Election Bakeoff - Sunday June 4th

Don’t worry Des, I’ve learnt my lesson from the valve amp. The Grahams are going nowhere.

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Spoken word, William Shatner style.

Hold on, at least insult me on a forum I’m a member of! Now I’ve had to join yet another forum. Consider this, the more time I have to devote to reading insults, the less time I’ll have to concentrate of making a decent speaker…

Good to see you and chew the fat again. When we chewed the fat at Scalford my mate Andy actually fell asleep!



Just do an 18" full ranger and Edd will be golden.

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Could use them with 24" woofers then. :smiley:

In all honesty, the Mark audio drivers are the best sounding full rangers I’ve heard, and if you don’t need huge spl, or listen to a lot of acoustic music they are pretty great. And considering the price, they are a bit of a bargain.

Still think they might make nice computer speakers. Mmm or in a little cube with a raspi for music round the house.

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some of you have quoted each other, I can’t see a quote button, how’s that work then?

Highlight the text you want to quote.

Ah, makes sense :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed coming to this Bake Off so thanks for inviting me Ian, I don’t go to many, I don’t spend as much time on the forums as I’d like so often miss them until its to late :sleepy:

The banter is so good on here, I’m sure you’ll want to keep coming back for more :grinning:


I seem to have won new user of the month, I can only think it’s for having to listen to Edd’s insults…

Don’t get too excited. There are no medals.

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Well apparently there will be a permanent medal on my user profile, it’s been a quite weekend so that is the most exciting thing to have happened.

Anyway on a different subject, I can’t seem to find a DIY category here, am I being a fuckwit?

Have you used the “search” function ?

Were you the only person to join this month? :slight_smile:

You’ll know you’ve made it when the mods deign to give you a funny byline.

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