Coventry Pre-Election Bakeoff - Sunday June 4th

Room for 10 or so for a day of tunes and maybe a bit of kit swapping between 11am and 7pm. I’ll provide tea, coffee and fruit juice plus pizza mid-afternoon. Bring music on CD and/or vinyl.

myrman (Nick)
browellm (Mark)
edd9000 (Edd)
catcando (Gregg)
orangeart (Stefan)
plato (Vasken)
hap hazzard (Des + Colin)
brumjam (James)
mmichbam (Mick)

Yes please Ian

Please, Ian. :thumbsup:

Yes please.

Yes, please.

Yes please Ian.

Yes please

Thanks to everyone for coming along today and making it a jolly enjoyable day.

Special thanks to Stefan for bringing along some frugelhorn XL speakers and a couple of pairs of drivers. I really liked the metal cones with my valve amp.


Thanks for having me/us Ian.
Had a wonderful time just chatting to people and listening to music.
Thanks a lot for the pizza, it all went down well.

Thanks for hosting, Ian. A pleasure to see everyone, as always.

Thanks for a great day Ian.

Thanks Ian for hosting and Gregg for driving. Some good music choices for me to investigate.

Thanks Ian. Good day, and the pizza was a welcome surprise.
Enjoyed it.
Nice to meet some new faces.

Thanks Ian, good day as always.


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If I do, please check my pulse, then delete my browsing history.


But, but Edd talks such good stuff :wink:

It was just good to catch up with Stefan and ridicule his awful full range speakers.

I disagree :slight_smile:

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I don’t let facts or opinions get in the way of a good insult.

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