Covid: How do you feel? (Part 2)

Yes, hope all suffering keep mild symptoms and recover quickly.

Same from me, hope the ‘Rona goes easy on you all.

It’s rife around here again.

Day 1: I think I’m coming down with something
Day 2: I feel a bit off for sure
Day 3: fuck me this is bad
Day 4: can hardly move off the sofa, poor dog isn’t getting a walk today
Day 5: wait what, I feel ok, nice walk in the park
Day 6-7: I feel fine, some snot and coughing but meh



Covid has knocked me and the wife for six!
Just like a cold, my arse. One minute hot then freezing, feel like I have a broken rib when I cough, fuzzy head, can’t concentrate, no appetite, sore throat, no strength. Took all my energy just to check the horse this morning. I don’t like this one bit.:cry:

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Nightmare Mick. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

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Keep an eye on each other, hope things rapidly improve.

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Shit. We’ve been lucky ours have been mild.

Hope the horse is ok.

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I went through bouts of uncontrollable shaking from being freezing,then boiling hot minutes later. Luckily only had those symptoms for 24 hours or so.
Hope it moves on quickly


That sounds shit. Fair play for looking after the horse when you’re so sick. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

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Get well soon !

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Just booked my covid booster for Oct 2nd at the village surgery - an exhausting 200 yard walk :joy:

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I had forgotten how shit I have felt after every single covid jab. So now I feel shit :roll_eyes: