Covid: How do you feel? (Part 2)

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Winston Bumblefuck to address the Nation later. Will Xmas be cancelled or just the January sales?

Christmas should be 2 households plus 1 single person for 2 days max. And that is really pushing it imo.
As it stands we’re in for major shit storm in January.

I wonder if he’ll have a balls to rein us all in.

join the vax queue

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June >> Sept 2021 for me, better renew that subscription to pornhub.

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February for me according to that calculator

Ditto. But according to the small print that is based on 1,000,000 vaccinations/week. On this Government’s past performance of delivering to scale in a timely fashion I’m not banking on it happening then.

It will (sorry, should) take up to 3 months to get to 1m shots a week so I’d alter expectations accordingly.

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hmmm did Boris just say he convened his Covid Operations Committee

Christmas in NI was always a dodgy proposition but that just shot it clean out the sky.

MiL is going to be devastated.

My result -

you should expect to receive your vaccine between 25/04/2021 and 13/05/2021 .

Not holding my breath

That could definitely have adverse health implications.




I put I’m pregnant but it hasn’t helped speed things up


I’ll see you there :+1:

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Sorry about that Guy. I saw the Tier 4 news and your trip crossed my mind immediately. Jackie is doing her nut about it as until we get a lid on infections here there is 0% chance of her seeing her parents in Melbourne. I know others here are really struggling with not seeing their family too. It is just too hard to take at times.


15/3/21 - 25/4/21 for me but, like PMac, I’ll not be holding my breath.

Just watching Winston Bumblefuck’s latest press conference, Tier 4 and Christmas with Mrs K only for me now. We’ll have to deal with all the extra supplies on our own now !

Looks like professor bumble fuck is actually doing something right down South.

Weeks too late, as ever


Well it’s

all round for us.