Cowboy Junkies

What are the best albums to start with?


trinity sessions … absolutely fantastic especially blue moon


Whites Off Earth Now!!. I bought it for Baby Please Don’t Go (so languid that Van Morrison has sung the whole song, packed his kit up and is in the van headed for home before Margo Timmins opens her mouth). But their version of Mr State Trooper is even better

The album was recorded in their garage using just one microphone (OK, it was a $9000 Calrec Ambisonic) placed in front of the band.


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That version of sweet jane on the trinity sessions is by far my favourite, they can be a bit slow for me but I’m really liking their new album a lot.


Caution horses is a cracker too mark and the one after I can’t remember the name of .

I love their version of powderfinger


The above are the first three albums and all excellent.
There is a vinyl issue on MFSL of Whites Off Earth Now and the other two are easily available on vinyl.

Apart from those I really rate Early 21st Century Blues. (CD only)

That should get you started

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Caution Horses

I do like Black Eyed Man as well… Actually they’re all good but Caution Horses 1st.

Third vote for Caution Horses. Their version of Powderfinger is wonderful.

the CD version of Trinity Sessions (the 1st one) should be avoided IMHO

Not on Spotify sadly but most of it seems to be on YouTube and so far it’s awesome. Loving hearing the background sounds of nature on the recording:

Which is why I don’t use Spotify. I imagine it’ll be fine for popular music though.

Youtube isn’t great either. I’m afraid the ‘backgound sounds of nature’ have been overlaid by whoever posted the video. The original recording sounded more like this

Shining Moon has the best punchline I’ve yet come across in a song.


They do have a fair amount of them on there, just not that first album.

I am most disappointed about the twattish overlay, that’s remarkably aggravating.

Nope. I’m out :face_with_raised_eyebrow: