Cricket, lovely cricket (Part 1)

In case it helps anyone else seeking abbreviation, the second half of the Bangladesh innings starts just after 3 hours 45 mins into the podcast.

Do like this listening to today’s Test, without the getting up at stupid o’clock. :slight_smile:

I was thinking England might get beat, or it peter out to a boring draw. Seems our openers have decided to have a bit of a bat.

Cue the massive collapse and all out for 150.

111-2, holds breath.

Edit - past the first Nelson, it’ll be more than 150.

Re-edit. 127-5 - Maybe not 150, then.
It was all going so well when I was lying down. Perhaps back to bed is called for.

Bangladesh clear favourites now.
Need a Stokes/Bairstow special now!

Not far off.

Well done Bangladesh!

The Indian spinners will be watching this carnage and licking their lips, right now. Cue turning pitches (as if it were ever in doubt!)

Waking to find Root already into his century is much better news than elsewhere.

I heard on the radio that Cook should have referred his lbw as it was missing. Bugger.

Seem to be doing alright in the first innings. I suspect the Indian batsmen will score a bit too on that wicket.
Better than I expected so far.

Very good performance so far. Good pitch, but you still need to put the runs on the board. I expect England will be hoping for a decent first innings lead.

Is there a better all rounder in World cricket than Ben Stokes at the moment?

Really enjoying this. I always enjoy tests in India as I can watch spinners in action all day. It has, with one or two minor bloopers, been an interesting and high-quality match thus far. I don’t expect a result tomorrow as it is only the first test. You might hope that at 160-odd ahead for no loss they would take the lead to 280 by just before lunch and then have two and a bit sessions to get 10 wickets, but I don’t see it happening…

Great test so far, young Hameed looks a natural opening with Cook. Really hope Ben Duckett can get some runs tomorrow. England have some exciting cricketers these days.

England applying huge pressure here and may make something happen. Great test match.

Hopefully an interesting finish. I thought it might peter out to a dull draw.

4 needed. not many overs left. Not easy, but doable.

Fucking bureaucratic creep?
Creep silence to two minutes, extend to interrupting live foreign events.
Much stupid BBC silence policy, certainly not present in the 1960’s. If the players had stopped O.K.

Excellent test. England creeping towards a very strong team with a blend of youth and experience. Anderson available for the next match… Drop Ansari?

You could be tight, Joe Root looked ok as third spinner and with Rashid looking good he could make way.

I guess much will depend on how fit Anderson is. His ability to move the ball new and old whilst being miserly is a huge asset. Can he last five days? Rashid’s confidence is definitely on the rise, he seemed to be relishing it today and great to see him in animated conversation with Cook when setting fields. I would rather rotate Moeen and Rashid around an attack with Jimmy in it. Ansari’s time will come, he looks quality but got a bit nervous today. Looks like the next surface is expected to be dry to begin with, so reverse swing could be a thing. What a difference Hameed could make if this match is anything to go by!