Cricket, lovely cricket


it’s that, that kills you… :tired_face:


I would still put Oz 80/20 favourites. However, if England can get through the first 18 overs before the new ball, without losing a wicket, I would be beginning to hope.

We still have some good batting to come, but Root has to be there to face the new ball if we are to have any chance.


Haven’t watched any test cricket for years until this morning (at home sick),been watching since 6am. Really enjoyed it.


I used to watch every single ball of test matches when I was a kid. Cricket died for me when it moved to Sky.

I feel fortunate to have BT Sport so I can watch it now.


This is nicely balanced. Australia have to be aggressive and take wickets. A defensive attitude means that England can plod and block to victory. On the other hand, England have to take the initiative a bit because you know what is coming tomorrow. Lyon will occupy one end for almost half the day and the pace bowlers can have shortish full-speed, no-holds barred spells from the other end. I think if Root is there by the 30th over tomorrow, so that the new ball is dealt with, then England should win. However, I don’t really see this happening and expect the Aussies to win. Doesn’t make it any less exciting though.


Amazing how massive fuck ups by both captains have turned this into a classic :smiley:


Good point, well made too. :+1:


Haha fair point is fair.


The umpires have a huge part to play particularly with Smith having blown both reviews. Bound to be lots of lbw shouts with Lyon bowling, need the umpires to stay calm.

Tomorrow could define Root’s career like Headingly 1981 for Botham.

Can’t beat a close test match …


I just wonder if they might actually be more inclinded to raise the finger on a close decision as England can always review it and there is then no harm done if the decision was wrong.

Agreed - though this one isn’t close, yet!!


Woke up expecting a few wickets to be left. Bugger.


Pfft. Not even close. England incapable of playing well three days in a row. :man_facepalming:


I shall adjust my hope to anything better than 5-0 is a good thing.


Pathetic sums it up I think.:triumph:


Poor effort really. Root must have one of the worst ratios of converting 50s to centuries. 50s are good for the averages but centuries win matches.

I really hope he can reverse this trend because he is such a talented batsman.


Maybe he should stop being captain. Doesn’t suit some.
Botham was a shit captain iirc.


Root says ‘We are still massively in the Ashes’

Does he just mean that he is just one of the two teams in it? Sort of like Ireland are not massively in the Ashes?


The captaincy hasn’t affected his run scoring in my opinion, he’s always had a poor conversion rate, but his average is exceptional.

62 tests 5466 runs at 53.05 is good enough for me. And, he’s only 26


Captaincy is more than scoring runs.


Of course, but I was referring to his batting not suffering because of it. Batting first in the last test was about the only serious mistake he’s made to my mind. He’s young and still learning, but I see him in the role for some time.