Cricket, lovely cricket


Chris Read never managed to be the regular first choice, should have been imho. Per wiki only played 15 tests over many years. Foster played 7 tests per wiki.

Jack Russell and Bob Taylor were great to watch. Hopefully Foakes can make the spot his own.


Great shame that Read and Foster were around at the wrong time, when batting has been considered the more important of the keepers skills. Russell was right at the end of The keeper is a keeper and nothing else era. He was a horrible batsman! :weary: I saw him make a century at Lord’s… Hell it was ugly! Foster was better imv but it was too late for him. Read a laughing stock after his ducking a yorker incident, also at Lord’s.

Foakes does indeed look a pretty complete player on the evidence of one match, we’ll see!


Not sure what drugs this guy was on when he wrote the piece on Bairstow, but I need to get some


Most of the previews I have read seem to think that Buttler is the next cab off the rank for the number 3 slot. Please one of you stick and make it work, law of averages right? :tired_face:

Otherwise it looks like the team may be unchanged and Bairstow will have to suck it up.


Yes, I read that Bayliss has said either Buttler or Stokes.

I think Stokes has the better technique, but Buttler has surprised me with his patience when the occasion demanded it.

^ This is all that matters


No Bairstow, Foakes keeper and Stokes at 3.

Happy with that.


Me too, He is probably the best equipped to own it. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Raging Bunsen?


Curran on fire. This boy is amazing, what a partnership for the last wicket.


Curran is great, he plays the situation better than any player in the team.


Yes! The way he has manipulated the strike after starting in defensive mode and then attacked since Jimmy has come in is just perfect. It’s one thing to understand what you have to do, quite another to actually do it and he is doing it in every game. He is some find…


That is a tremendous innings by Curran and good support from Anderson. I took the dog out for half an our thinking he and Anderson would be finished quickly. Looking at the pitch 285 is a decent total.


And they are still going…

Edit: spoke too soon!


No Curran holed out in the deep. There was a very near thing with Angelo Matthews but he went almost immediately.


No he hasn’t


Done now 285 all out


Yes he has!


Ah bollocks


Lovely innings though. He has the makings of a top player.


Just need the bowling boys to get 2 or 3 before close